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  • Vibrox, assures quality process, quality management systems and quality products. Quality Control and Quality Assurance processes are well designed to ensure superior quality products. Packaging processes are also so well designed to ensure scratch free delivery to the end users. Wide angle oscillation function to give a warm experience around Cool touch body gives no worries with kids around Handle for easy portability Long halogen tubes for effective heating Three tubes for varied heating needs and uninterrupted heating Oval shape base for better stability High grade long lasting reflector Tip over switch for safety Two meter long power cord
  • Sometimes when the temperature drops, warm blankets and layers of woollen clothes fail to ward off the cold. That is when you need to introduce this room heater from Vibrox to your home. It will quickly heat up your room and provide you with much-needed warmth.

    Nickel Chrome-plated Mesh Grid and Reflector

    Fitted with nickel chrome-plated mesh grid and reflector, this heater ensures an even distribution of heat to keep you and the entire room warm.

    Overheat Protection

    This room heater has an overheat protection system, which means, the heating element will be turned off to avoid damage from overheating.

    Compact and Portable

    This room heater boasts of a compact design that utilizes minimum space and can be easily carried from one room to another.

  • Protect yourself and keep yourself warm on chilly nights with this Vibrox Room Heater. This room heater is equipped with an adjustable thermostat and 9 fins, which help in maintaining the temperature of the room by facilitating the flow of warm air to every corner of your room.


  • As one of India’s leading sales, marketing, distribution and manufacturing organisations, Vibrox strives to meet customer requirements. It also provides customer satisfaction, thereby building trust in the Company and its products.
  • Winter season is fast approaching and it’s time get ready to face it. Other than wrapping in extra woolen blankets, a wise choice could be to get a room heater. So get this quartz room heater from Vibrox and heat different rooms of your home to fight the freezing cold.

    Smart and compact

    This smart and compact room heater warms up an entire room, making it the most versatile heating choice. It is certified by ISI, so you can be sure of its durability.


    One of the advantages of this room heater is its portability because you can easily carry it from one room to another and enjoy customized heating.

    Two Heat Settings

    This room heater features two heat settings, so you could adjust to 400W for lower and 800W for higher temperature in your room.

    Tip over switch

    The room heater also does not require any installation, you just need plug-in and it will start working instantly. The tip-over switches allow you to adjust it according to your convenience.

    Quartz Tubes

    Since this room heater comes with quartz tubes, you need turn it on to get its full effect. The temperature of these quartz tubes is higher than that of other heaters, thus making it a durable option.


    This room heater will not only heat the room but also helps optimize energy consumption.

  • Vibrox Room Heaters Are Made Using One Among The Latest Newly Improved Technology For Fast And Quick Heating Of Any Room, It Comes With Adjustable Temperature Control Option Which Alows You To Choose From Different Heat Settings.Also Its In Built Quality Of Material Used Is One Among The Highest Grade Used For Good Quality Performance And High Effeciency.This fan heater also features two heat settings with a variable thermostat and a cool blow function. It also features anti freeze protection, auto safety cut-off and an integral carry handle. Suitable for use in both flat and upright position and it gives even distribution of heat throughout the room. Also the Quality Control and Quality Assurance processes are well designed to ensure superior quality products.
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